<Product Explanation>


■PBT Tapered Monofilament

This is sharpened PBT monofilament by special way.  It is widely used to Toothbrush.  
Diameter: 0.150〜0.254mm
Hair Length: 2.7〜3cm

<Artist / Cosmetic Brush>
This is also produced from PBT monofilament.  The top is much sharpened.  There is different tapered ratio for usage.  Many kinds of different dyed colors are available.
Diameter: 0.07 / 0.10 / 0.15 mm
Hair Length:(Regular Size) 5 cm (3.5 cm〜available)

Color:   White、BR-2(Gold)、BR-0(Dark Brown), etc…



Also, we have a variety of bristles.  Please feel free to ask anything about the material of monofilament and bristle.