Product Explanation


Animal Hair

This is the original hair used for brush before synthetic hair, and still now it has strong users.  The strong point is to absorb the water easily, and has strong recovery, and losing tendency.  Main items are hog (pig) , horse, and wild boar hair, and our company directly import from China or India. 


Hog (Pig ) Bristle

This is the most popular animal hair for brush.  It has strong recovery tendency and very stiff.  Main colors are White & Black. 

Chinese :  ChungKing  White (2 1/2`4 1/4 inch)ABlack (2 1/4`6 inch)


Horse Tail Hair

Chinese Horse Tail Hair,,,iFlying Horse, etccjF
White(13`15A22`26inch)AMixed Brown (22`26inch)ABlack(22`26inch)

For ToothbrushFWhite (33mm)AMixed Brown(33mm)ABlack (70mmj


Wild Boar Hair

Indian Extra Stiff Black BristleF4`5 1/2 inch


Also, we have a variety of bristles.  Please feel free to ask anything about the material of monofilament and bristle.