<Product Explanation>


■Industrial Monofilament

Abrasive Monofilament(Grid)
The Nylon monofilament contains grid to clean the surface or to grind the parts of products.  There are mainly two kinds of grid: SIC & AO.  There are a variety of diameters, grid numbers, monofilament material, etc…

  1. TORAYGRID(TORAY:N6, N610, N612, PBT)
  2. TYNEX A  (DuPont:N612)


Diamond Grid Monofilament

Diamond is the strongest mine stone in the world.  We can supply a variety of monofilament based on diamond grid numbers, diameters, % of diamond, etc…  Basically, it is order-made by each customer.


<Special Usage

Anti-Static Monofilament(Mono-Eight)
The core part is Nylon66, and covered with Nylon6 & carbon, which lead electricity. 
Color: Black
Diameter: 0.15, 0.3, 0.57 mm
(*Other Brands:  Elebai & Thunderlon available)

Anti-Heat / Anti-Chemical Monofilament(PPS Monofilament)
PPS is especially good under high temperature and chemical usage.
Color: Brown

Diameter: 0.15, 0.3, 0.5, 0.8 mm


Also, we have a variety of bristles.  Please feel free to ask anything about the material of monofilament and bristle.