Industrial Materials for Brush
TORAY Nylon & PBT Monofilament for Brushes
As a sole sales agency for Toray Nylon Bristle, we have widely been providing Nylon, PBT, and other material monofilament to brush industries for a long time. It is for toothbrushes, hair brushes, cosmetic brushes , painting brushes and industrial brushes
TORAY Tapered Bristle
Tapered Bristle was first producted by Toray Co. With the high quality and technology, Toray Tapered Bristle has been used for a long time by quite many brush companies in the world. Espechially, it is good for oil painting brushes, painting brushes, cosmetic brushes, and other brushes.

TORAY Toraygrit
Toraygrit, whichi is made of PBT and Nylon, contains grit to polish metal, wood, plastic products

Animal Hair

Our company also imports and exports any kinds of animal hair for brushes, such as hair, body,cosmetic,oil painting, and industrial brushes. We can provide selected boar hair, hog hair, horse(tail)hair,goat hair,badger hair,etc...